Patient with Healthcare Nurse

What's in a name? YOU HEART LIFE was founded because getting healthy and being happy really is about three main areas.

YOU: YOU are the one in control of your choices and YOU are the one that will take the steps towards a better life.

HEART: Being a cardiac nurse, it makes sense that I am all about the HEART. Physically we can not live without our HEART. Emotionally, we can not feel alive without our emotional HEART being in a balanced place.

LIFE: The reason we do what we do is LIFE. It's not about living each day going through the motions. It is about enjoying LIFE. Living a LIFE fully alive!

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Meet Shannon Truax, RN

The Nurse Coach Difference

Most people know they need to eat vegetables, drink water, get good sleep, stress less, and maintain a healthy weight.

But then how come so many of us still struggle with all of the above?

They are missing a few key pieces:

*A Strong Game Plan

*A Strong "WHY"

*A Tough Love Accountability Partner

*Support of a Medical Professional who puts the Whole Picture together. 

Welcome to a new way to health by going back to the basics, looking at the root causes, and getting your life back on track.