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Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Most people know they need to eat vegetables, drink water, get good sleep, stress less, and maintain a healthy weight. So why is it that so many of us still struggle with all of the above?


Missing Key Components:

*A Strong Game Plan and Action Steps

*A Strong "WHY"- why is this important to you?

*Accountability Partner

*Support of a Medical Professional Team who put the Whole Picture together. 

Welcome to a new way to approach health! By going back to the basics, looking at the root causes, and getting your life back on track- you can regain wellness and restore your body to optimal health.

Meet Nurse Coach Shannon

Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 4.17.14 PM.png

-Bachelor's of Science in Nursing

-BLS/ACLS Certified 
-Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health   Coach Certificate

-Board Certified American Association     of Drugless Practitioners Certification

-Wellcoaches Certification 

-TLS Health Coach Certification

-Nutrametrix Consultant Certification 

After dealing with her own health concerns in the forms of stress, arrhythmias, and poor nutrition, she set out to learn how to actually take care of her health and prevent further issues by looking into integrative/holistic/functional medicine care.

-Cardiac ICU for over a decade

-Worked at Google as their RN/Health Coach

-Coaching Business

- Consulting for Private Practices

-Speaking Engagements & Health Events for Tech Companies & Healthcare Systems

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