We all know heart disease is the number one killer- in fact that's old news and sadly still current news. The fact that we have a disease state that is largely preventable through lifestyle factors, that is killing our friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones is som...

What's The catch?  A health coach and nurse is saying I can eat anything I want?! Deep fried ice cream? Turducken? Bacon wrapped chocolate covered in ranch dressing?  Sure- why not?  

So wait, why does every other health care professional or coach tell yo...

February 18, 2017

Have you noticed that everything is heading online...and I mean everything! You can go shopping for groceries, clothes, makeup, health products, a significant other, and attend meetings all via your electronic device. The world is sharing their lives, their businesses,...

What's in a name? YOU HEART LIFE was founded with the name in mind because getting healthy and being happy really is about three main areas. YOU: YOU are the one in control of your choices and YOU are the one that will take the steps towards a better life. HEART: Being...

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Have you ever felt that trying to get healthy or in shape was hard?  There is all the confusing information online, everyone telling you about what diet they are currently on, and then there's the actual planning and executing part of trying to get fit and feel healthy...

Our daily lives tend to take us in several different directions at once.  Somehow we have to fit work, family, friends, chores, sleep, eating, exercising, and ourselves into one day.  How is it that some people figure out how to get it all done in their 24 hours and ot...

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