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Finding Balance In the Chaos

StartFragmentOur daily lives tend to take us in several different directions at once. Somehow we have to fit work, family, friends, chores, sleep, eating, exercising, and ourselves into one day. How is it that some people figure out how to get it all done in their 24 hours and others wish for 30 hour days. The reality is even if you had 30 hour days, you would fill those hours too and still say "there isn't enough time". So now what?EndFragment

StartFragmentPriorities and boundaries. Figure out what are your top priorities in life. Each priority is given a certain amount of time and then you put a boundary to it. Work is one priority in life, but it is not the only priority. How is it then that we plan everything around work and yet say family and friends are the most important people in our lives? Set boundaries on your time as it is so valuable. Figure out what is most important to you and schedule that time in first. My personal opinion is that health has to be a priority. With out health it is difficult to take care of the other areas of our lives. It may be hard or different at first, but making time for the things that are the most important to us is always worth it. EndFragment

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