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Eat Any Thing You Want-Experiment!

What's The catch? A health coach and nurse is saying I can eat anything I want?! Deep fried ice cream? Turducken? Bacon wrapped chocolate covered in ranch dressing? Sure- why not?

So wait, why does every other health care professional or coach tell you to avoid these things? I mean really-search the web- there are some bizarre "foods" out there! People are fascinating with what they will create or put on their palate. I would be curious to know- what are some of the bizarre "treats" out there that you have tried?

The reason I say this is ok is because, in my opinion, eating any of the weird combinations of things people come up with today is essentially an experience and an experiment to say the least. "You're gonna do it, if you're gonna do it. And it's gonna happen if its gonna happen- lets be real". Especially if its a triple dawg dare- you don't back down from that! But besides the dare factor, people are curious creatures. Our curiosity may not always suit us well, but we still seek to try new things. Good or bad- at least now you know.

Now, take your daily eating habits for example. Do you need to have this crazy experience and experimentation on a daily basis? Probably not, but so many people do every single day. They may not take it to the extreme, but you are essentially creating a science project within your gut every time you put something in your mouth. Some of what you put in creates a soothing, happy, delicious reaction. Other things we chose to partake in creates a puffy, bloated, gurgling experience. Sometimes the thrill of the ride only lasts as far as you can chew it! The aftermath is not so fun!

So if we take the time to figure out what gives our body happiness and what causes grief- the only other thing to do from there is decide- HOW OFTEN DO YOU WANT TO FEEL THIS WAY? How often do you want to feel energized, alive, trim, toned, sexy?! How often do you want to feel lethargic, tired, bloated, weighed down, unsatisfied?! These are the things you have to ask yourself. If I want to eat a sprinkled pizza and I know this makes me feel sleepy afterwards and unproductive after the initial sugar high wears off- do I want to do this frequently? No! If I do it once, will I die? Probably not. Your health does not fall apart from one meal or one day of bad choices. Its an accumulation of decisions. Its an accumulation of bad science experiments.

Your body is designed to work like a well oiled machine given the right tools and formulas. How you take care of it determines how it works for you. And everyone's body reacts differently to certain foods. You have to experiment with what works for you. If you do not know- its time to find out! So try things, eliminate things, see what the results are. If you need help with figuring out a great eating plan for you, reach out to me. I am always happy to help!

Enjoy life, try new things, feel fully alive!!

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